7 officers forcibly retire, 1 doctor dismissed

Big action of Nitish government

Action has been taken for poor performance in government work.

Taking a big step,

the government has decided to forcibly retire workers above 50 years of age.

First action has also been taken under this. Under which seven engineers have been forcibly retired.

 Forced to retire

1. Planning Executive Engineer Rakesh Kumar of Patna Division 2
2. Executive Officer of Patna Infrastructure Zone, Kumar Rajesh
3. Executive Engineer Satish Kumar of Building Formation Zone 2
4. Assistant Engineer Ravi Prakash of Sitamarhi Zone 2
5. Gaya Bhawan Division Junior Engineer Shyam Sundar Sharma
6. Junior Engineer Pravin Pandit of Darbhanga
7. Deepak Kumar, Assistant Electrical Engineer, Muzaffarpur, Building Construction

Also, it has been decided to sack Dr. Sanju Prasad, a medical officer of Gopalganj Barauli,

who has been missing from duty for several days. His absence was being recorded for the last 8 years.

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