Woman kept ‘Corona Mai’ fast, health deteriorated, died


The superstition associated with the global pandemic Corona virus killed a woman in Palamu’s Pandu.

On Sunday, 20-25 women fasted ‘Corona Mai’ at Tola Sikni in Pandu’s Haldi.

Vashistha Paswan’s wife Vyjayanti Devi (40) was also involved in this

Suddenly his health deteriorated in the evening.

With low blood pressure, symptoms of paralysis started appearing in it.


There was also stomach ache.

The family was taking him to Medininagar for treatment when the situation

became critical at nine o’clock at night, but he died on the way.


People said that rumor had spread among the women in this village that

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that worshiping ‘Corona Mai’ is necessary

to avoid the infection of Corona virus. Women who will fast, money will also be sent to their accounts.


About this, 20 to 25 women had fasted in Sikni village.

Vyjayanthi Devi’s health deteriorated and died due to fasting.

She was originally from Ratnag. She lived in Sikni with the family.

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