Juhi Chawla Opens Her Farmhouse For Land-Less Farmers


The actor-environmentalist has a farmhouse in Wada, outside Mumbai.

It was her father’s before he passed away.

“Twenty years ago, when my father was close to retirement,

he bought land in Wada, outside Mumbai, on the banks of the Vaitarna river.

He would travel there often to develop his farm,”

she said in an interview with Mumbai Mirror.

 “I barely visited then, being busy with my films and shoots.

But when he passed away ten years ago, it became my responsibility to look after the land.

The Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga actor said,

“Since we’re in lockdown,

I’ve decided to give our land to landless farmers to farm on.

We’re letting them farm rice this season and

in return take a small portion of the produce for themselves.

” She added that the farmers understand the soil so,

it will be much easier for them to kickstart farming soon and that

they and their families can keep a portion of the rice they grow there,

“This is a win-win situation for everyone, for our farmers and for us.

We work smarter this way and not harder.

This lockdown has put good sense into my head.”

The farm is an organic farm,

meaning that there are no chemicals involved in it.

“It’s not a new practice.

It’s just going back to the past to the way farming was done decades ago,

but then isn’t that the wiser way? Our farmers know the land, soil,

wind and air far better than we city people ever will from our textbook knowledge,”

she added explaining why organic farming is better.

She cautioned though to keep a close watch on the

“quality of rice they sow and that they are to use only organic methods.

No chemical must come onto the farm”.

She has been spreading awareness about organic farming and gardening

through her Instagram with posts on the same,

and DIY ideas on how and what to grow.

Chawla has to farms now, the one at Wada, and other at Mandwa.

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