let us know about lemon benifit and side -effect


Lemon is very beneficial for health. At the same time, lemonade also proves very useful for the body.

Lemonade contains many nutrients, which help in keeping the body healthy.

Drinking lemonade (Nimbu Pani) on an empty stomach in the morning is also very effective for the body.

By this, the digestive system of the body works properly and immunity also becomes strong.

Along with this, many diseases can also be overcome by drinking lemonade on an empty stomach in the morning.

Lemon is considered a treasure of various vitamins and minerals and drinking lemon-water

every morning has many benefits (Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in Morning Empty Stomach).

By drinking lemon squeezed in water, the body gets vitamin C, potassium and fiber.

Most of the people drink it by mixing lemon and honey in lukewarm water for weight loss.

However, very few people know that consuming more than this can cause some side effects.

By drinking more lemonade,

there is a shortage of water in the body and the problem of dehydration can increase.

Apart from this, there can be many other problems. So if you also eat lemon-water, then go steady.


Drinking lemonade on empty stomach in the morning will benefit skin

Lemonade can be improved in the skin every morning.

Taking lemon water daily can keep the face free from stains.

At the same time wrinkles can also be rid of.

Lemonade proves to be very helpful for glowing skin.


If lemonade is called native cold drink, then there will be nothing wrong in it.

Rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals,

this drink gives so many benefits related to health and beauty, which you cannot imagine.


Lemon is a better source of vitamin C.

Also, it contains various vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6,

folate and small amounts of vitamin-E.

It provides relief in bad throat, constipation, kidney and gum problems.

Also reduces blood pressure and stress.

Along with making the skin healthy, it is also better for the liver


The most important benefit of lemonade on health is its relief from kidney stone.

Kidney stone is mainly released from the body without any discomfort,

but in some cases it blocks the flow of ureen which causes extreme pain.

Drinking lemonade helps the body to rehydrate and it helps to keep urin thin.

It also reduces any risk of kidney stone formation.


Diabetes – Lemonade is considered a better alternative to high sugar juices and drinks.

Especially for those who are diabetic patients or want to lose weight.

It rehydrates and energizes the body without raising the sugar to critical levels.


Beneficial in digestion

Lemon juice present in lemonade increases the production of hydrochloric acid

and bile secretion, which is essential for digestion.

It also reduces the risk of acidity and arthritis.

People who are usually troubled by digestive problems such as abdominal cramps,

blotting, burning and gas problems, etc., should consume lemonade regularly.


 summer, most people wake up in the morning and consume lemonade.

But do you know the harm of drinking lemonade.

There are also disadvantages of drinking more lemonade.

By drinking lemon juice in water, the body gets vitamin C, potassium and fiber,

but there are some disadvantages of drinking lemonade.

Lemon contains citric acid, due to which high amount of it goes into the body,

it damages our body. Not only this, many problems also start due to this.


Disadvantages of drinking lemonade:

Drinking more lemonade causes loss of water in the body,

due to which the problem of dehydration increases.

Drinking lemonade causes sensitivity (cold-hot feeling) in the teeth.

Drinking more lemonade causes chest irritation.


Excessive intake of lemonade can cause acidity.

The acid found in lemon affects the digestion of the body.

Many stomach problems such as stomach upset can occur due to the digestive system being affected.

Kidney stone (stone) problem also occurs due to drinking more lemonade.

Apart from this, there are problems in the kidneys and gallbladder.


Keep these things in mind to avoid any disease, do not consume lemonade.

If you feel any discomfort after drinking lemonade, stop consuming it.

If the body has to take vitamin C, then drink half a glass of water and add half a lemon juice.

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